6th April 2017


How do you use your degree in your role?

I studied Electrical Engineering at university so I come from a very logical and analytical background. These qualities are definitely very helpful in my day to day role, as they help me decide the best way to solve new problems and then also how I can implement these solutions.

The ability to work as a team and express your ideas and communicate effectively, is an exceptionally helpful skill that I had plenty of exposure to throughout my degree which I apply daily on client site.

What do you like most about your role?

I like the volume and variety of different projects I get to work on. I feel this is very important especially at the early stage of my career. The opportunities that arise from the exposure to different projects really is invaluable.

What skills and attributes have you gained?

I have learnt to communicate my ideas in a more concise and diplomatic manner. When working for a client, I find myself having to explain technical solutions to non-technical people, which can at times be an exceptionally difficult task; one that requires tact and definitely practise.

Have you travelled?

During the graduate training, I spent some time in London where I was able to meet and get to know other members of the team who I would not usually cross paths with. I also spent 2 weeks at the SAS institute in Marlow, with the other graduates from my intake; this was definitely one of the highlights when joining.