9th May 2016


Chris What do you like most about your role?

The exposure to different challenges and the satisfaction I feel when I’m able to master a new technology or apply a new technique to improve my work.

What skills and attributes have you gained?

I’ve gained certifications in various technologies and have had the opportunity to apply that knowledge on client projects.

I’ve learnt how to manage different stakeholders and challenging situations.  Being able to constructively convey your recommendation is a skill that comes with time and it is certainly a vital one to have in the professional world.

Have you travelled?

I’ve been lucky to experience working in different locations across the UK with Business Data Partners (BDP). I recently spent four months on a project in Bristol which gave me an opportunity to visit a new city and work with a large financial organisation. Travelling has allowed me to expand my professional network and grow as a consultant experiencing a variety of projects and different clients.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I’m a big TV and Film fan – I tend to have 5+ series from America on the go at once. I love having a good natter with people about the latest happenings!