Why did you apply to Business Data Partners (BDP)?

BDP is a very close knit community and you can get to know pretty much everybody on a first name basis which makes you feel part of the company from day one.  They offer a great two-month intensive training period where at the end you attain Base SAS certification. The training alongside exposure to client sites enable you to quickly gain the tools to become a fully-fledged consultant!

How did you find the recruitment process?

It was a very different experience when compared to recruitment processes for other companies. I actually found the process enjoyable, which is a first! The questions and activities completed make you think on your feet and give you a taste of the life of a consultant.

Do BDP offer any special perks that their competitors may not?

Absolutely! One big perk which I think is amazing is a loyalty points based system which can be put towards things such as a paid three-month sabbatical. They also offer a "Bring Your Own Device" perk, whereby you can receive payment to purchase a mobile phone for use at work.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I'm a big football fan and support Arsenal football club.  I also like to play the guitar, attending gigs/music festivals and travelling to new places.