Stephen, a 2017 Graduate now Junior Consultant, shares his experience of the BDP Graduate programme and life as a qualified SAS Consultant.




What do you like most about your role?

The nature of working as a consultant is that you are never afforded an opportunity to get comfortable and lazy in your surroundings. This drives me on and means I am excited to come into work in the morning as I am constantly learning and dealing with new tasks and challenged.  I enjoy working with different stakeholders and the challenges that poses.

What advice would you have for anyone unsure about applying?

The only thing that I can say is that I had my own doubts about whether the company just had a good sales pitch or whether it was genuinely such a fantastic company to work for as everyone told me in the application process. These doubts have been completely blown away in my time with the company and I cannot stress how good a decision starting your career with BDP would be.

Why did you apply to Business Data Partners (BDP)?

As a graduate, I was looking for three things in a graduate role: clear and simple career progression, a competitive wage and an enjoyable, community culture within the company. BDP ticked every one of these boxes and I have been pleasantly surprised by just how much I have enjoyed my time with the company.

Does BDP offer any unique employee perks?

Definitely. The BDP+ points system which offers employees the opportunity to gain points through their role and extra activities and get a three month fully paid sabbatical which is a fantastic target for everyone. The company culture is a perk in itself as you get exposure to every level of the business and everyone is known by their first name.

What support have you received to help you progress and develop?

The 8-week intensive graduate training programme formed a fantastic basis for any graduate to develop from. The support we received from the team at SAS that we worked with was fantastic and the welcome and support we received within those first 8 weeks were unbelievable. From the day I started on my first placement on client site, I have had fantastic support from the BDP team on site, my line manager, my buddy and the wider BDP team.

What social and community events have you been involved with?

This year I started a Movember campaign within BDP which was a fantastic experience. We had a team of 11 and with an unbelievable amount of support within the business, we managed to raise £1750 for a great cause. The way that the company supported everyone from the outset was refreshing and it was a pleasure to be involved in.